About Kim Casey

Kim Casey
Kim Casey

I am passionate about many things in life, but most of all my family. I have three incredible daughters so my goal was to create exquisitely designed and affordable pieces that mother and daughter can share. In fact, my oldest daughter was instrumental in creating many of the dainty gold pieces that look fabulous as stand-alone necklaces or layered to create a million different looks.

I always say that if you’re not super confident about an outfit, once you accessorize with jewelry it will all come together.

Wouldn’t you love for all of your jewelry to be solid 14K gold? I know I would—but who can afford that! That’s why I made sure all of our gold is 14k–24k gold filled, NOT plated (which lasts mere days). Our gold won’t tarnish or rub off and can last you years if properly cared for.

The pave diamonds are set in sterling silver and have a slight antique finish to them, making them timeless.

Rich moments should be experienced in style and celebrated for the ages. These pieces will be sure to make a statement for any woman!