Quality and Care

All of our pieces are gold-filled! Gold-filled jewelry is made by pressure-bonding an actual layer of gold to another metal. The gold won’t tarnish or rub off and can last you years if properly cared for.

Many people who are sensitive to certain metals can wear gold-filled without worry. It provides the quality one would expect from solid gold. Gold-plated, on the other hand, will tarnish and can result in discoloration.

We recommend that you avoid having your jewelry items come in direct contact with soaps, perfumes, sunscreens and lotions; as chemicals may cause the beautiful finish to darken more quickly than it otherwise would. Gently wiping down your pieces to remove chemicals from the surface is the best approach when caring for your gold-filled jewelry, and maximum care would be to remove your jewelry before exercising, showering and swimming (both in the ocean and in chlorinated pools).